The Books of

Physics With Calculus, Volume I
     (Classical Mechanics)

Physics With Calculus, Volume II (Electricity and Magnetism)

Conceptual Manual (and solutions)

Honors Physics

Eastern Philosophy for Western Minds:
     A Search for the Jewel in the Lotus

The Care and Feeding of Your Dragon
    ( . . . or the Autobiography of
             Craig Fletcher)

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     Thank you for your interest in whichever book you are looking at.  Please note that the format of all linked pages is similar to the one you are looking at now.  The first time you visit a page, please read the commentary on the page's right side.  The information provided will not generally be technical, but it will highlight points about the work that might otherwise be confusing.
     For instance, if you are one of the students who has dogged me over the years about writing my autobiography, it might be nice to know that if you click on the Care and Feeding link and come up empty, it means I haven't died yet (Irritating?  Undoubtedly!  But look on the bright side, all things come with time . . . ).  
     In any case, the books were written to be both useful and entertaining.  I hope whichever you are interested in succeeds both ways.