Eastern Philosophy for Western Minds,
A Search for the Jewel in the Lotus

Craig Fletcher

Note to the Student

Table of Contents


Title Page

Ch 01 (Once Upon a Time)

Ch 02 (Nip Here, Tuck There)

Ch 03 (A Bigger Picture)

Ch 04 (Creation)

Ch 05 (The World is a Stage . . . )

Ch 06 (Sleeping Gods)

Ch 07 (The Emptiness That is Full)

Ch 08 (Yoga I)

Ch 09 (Yoga II)

Ch 10 (Death)

Ch 11 (How Very Peculiar)

Ch 12 (Remembrance)

Ch 13 (Darkness and Light)

Ch 14 (Gratitude, Pain, and Illusion)

Ch 15 (Nature)

Ch 16 (Karmic Knots)

Ch 17 (Sex)

Ch 18 (Meditation I)

Ch 19 (Meditation II)

Ch 20 (Meditation III)

Ch 21 (When Bad Things Happen . . . )

Ch 22 (Wonder)

Appendix I (Quotes)

Appendix II (Illusion)

Appendix III (Skepticism and Homeopathy)


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     Eastern Philosophy for Western Minds, A Search for the Jewel in the Lotus was originally written for educational purposes and is not sold for profit (the cost of a hard bound copy covers the cost of reproduction and binding--that's it).  It was originally created for the students of Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California, but can be used by anyone interested in a rational framework from which the heart of the Eastern philosophies might be examined.  Although the book is written from an advocate's perspective, its intention is not to convince anyone that a particular philosophic view is better than another.  Its primary goal is to present ideas that will open the student to a broader view of the East and the East's philosophic and metaphysical beliefs.

     The hard copy version of this book was copyrited in 1992.  An electronic version of the book and/or hard copies made from an electronic version of this book are not to be sold for profit.  If, though, you would like to give a copy away for free, by all means do so.