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Welcome to the wonderful world of ancient and medieval history!!!

Mrs. Katie Ward 2014-2015

We will follow the journey of humankind from the dawn of civilization (c. 3500 B.C.E.) to the end of the first millennium. During this time humans emerged from life as village dwellers to the builders of amazing civilizations. Great empires rose and fell, and new philosophies and religions changed the world through the power of ideas. Be prepared for an adventure!

Download: Course Description and Policies and Binder Requirements

Course GoalsDebate

Course Requirements

Homework: Assignments are designed to help students learn the material in the unit. I will give out an assignment sheet at the beginning of each unit and students may work ahead if they choose to do so. The assignment sheet will also be posted online. Homework assignments will be worth 5 - 25 points, depending on the size of the assignment and the number of days required to complete it.

Quizzes/Tests: Quizzes and tests will be announced on the assignment sheet and we will discuss how to study. Usually quizzes will be worth 25 points and tests will be worth 100 points.

Projects: Each quarter there will be at least one project (some larger and some smaller) to provide students hands-on involvement with the subjects they are studying. A project can be as minor as coloring and labeling a map to as major as building a construction with an accompanying paper. Depending on its size, a project will be worth 25 -150 points.

Class Participation/Daily Preparation: Students should come to class well prepared every day with all of their supplies and completed homework and ready to participate actively in class discussions. Strong or weak participation or daily preparation will affect students' overall grades.

Binder Requirements:

Keeping an organized binder will be an important part of this course. After each unit, I will do a binder check in class (which will count as a 10-point homework grade).

The first page of every section MUST be a Table of Contents.

Every Assignment Sheet, Note, Homework Paper, Handout, etc., will be given a numerical designation, which will indicate both the section # and the item #. For instance, the first item in section 4 (which would be the table of contents for that unit) would be designated 4.1 (section 4, item 1). This will help you know where in your notebook each paper should go.

Whenever you receive or create a paper that goes into your binder, you should label it in the upper right-hand corner with the section #/item # designation and enter it on the table of contents for the section that it belongs in. You are responsible for keeping your tables of contents up to date.