World War I


1What was the initial reaction of most Americans to the outbreak of World War I in Europe?
they wanted the U.S. to declare war against Germany
they didn't care because the U.S. did not have strong ties with Europe
they gleefully saw the war as a golden opportunity for American business to make money
they wanted ensure that the U.S. could stay out of the conflict
total disinterest

2In response to the Lusitania sinking
the U.S. demanded that Germany cease unrestricted submarine warfare
Germany cautioned Americans against travelling on any vessels
the U.S. announced its intention to go to war to defend its rights as a neutral country
Germany announced its intention of resuming unrestricted submarine warfare
the U.S. declared war on Germany

3The Zimmermann telegram
pledged that Germany would sink no more merchant ships
proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico to conquer the U.S.
contained proof that the Germans were committing such atrocities as bayoneting babies
revealed Germany's designs to conquer and colonize much of Central and South America
was sent from England to Germany

4The Creel Committee on Public Information
was established by Pres. Wilson to ensure that the American people had access to the full truth about the war
used propaganda to spread the U.S. government's official version of the war
was a propaganda agency secretly sponsored by the German foreign ministry
attempted to turn public opinion against immigrants by painting them as agents of foreign revolution
was completely ineffective in influencing American opinion

5The War Industries Board
allocated raw materials
established production priorities
coordinated competing businesses
all of the above
none of the above