Imperialism & Foreign Affairs


1The Yellow Press, the Maine, and Butcher Weyler are all associated with American involvement in
Puerto Rico

2The Teller Amendment asserted that the U.S. had
no desire to control Cuba
the right to arbitrate the Venezuelan boundary dispute
the right to intervene in Cuban affairs to ensure Cuban stability
as much right as any European nation to trade with China
the right to subdue Filipino insurrectionists

3What was John Hay referring to when he spoke of "a splendid little war?"
that blacks had served with distinction in the Spanish-American War
that American troops fighting in Cuba had proven themselves to be well trained and well equipped
that the short and successful war with Spain had awakened a new consciousness of national strength
that a small and antiquated American navy had taken advantage of American spirit to whip the larger and more modern Spanish fleet
none of the above

4The Roosevelt Corollary
claimed that the U.S. had the right to act as a policeman in Latin America to keep order and prevent chronic wrongdoing
was issued to justify the role the U.S. played in ending the Russo-Japanese War
reversed that part of the Monroe Doctrine that stated the U.S. would not intervene in European affairs
warned the European powers and Japan not to exclude American business interests from China
was a law passed by both Houses of Congress

5Which of the following best describes Pres. Wilson's policy toward Mexico?
cautious concern about upsetting the balance of power south of the border
idealistic plans for encouraging political and social democracy
total refusal to get involved in another nation's affairs
a refusal to have anything to do with Mexico until the Mexican people learned to elect good leaders
moralistic pronouncements back by military force