1Factories developed slowly in the South for all of the following reasons except
slave discipline was difficult to maintain in a factory setting
the economic rewards of agriculture were more certain
Southern culture had a generally negative view of industrial labor, preferring agriculture
industrialization might have disrupted the traditional southern social structure
southerners had no source of capital

2Why did nonslaveholding southerners support the slave system?
some hoped to be slaveholders
they accepted the racist assumptions of slavery
they feared what freed slaves might do
as long as slaves were in the social order, poor whites were not at the bottom of the social pyramid
all of the above

3Which of the following was a common form of slave resistance?
frequent armed uprisings
escape to freedom in the North
work stoppages, arson, theft, or negligence
refusal to marry

4Which of the following is an accurate statement about slave uprisings in the antebellum South?
they occurred frequently
they were infrequent but usually very bloody
there were only three of note, and only one resulted in white deaths
slaveowners had no fear of them
none of the above

5Music and dance enabled slaves to
demonstrate religious beliefs
lessen the tedium of work
express the sorrows of slavery
all of the above
none of the above