Articles of Confederation ("The Rope of Sand")

Shays' Rebellion--Western Massachusetts, 1786

I. New Social Fabrics
    A. Pro-democracy efforts gained.

II. Economic Stresses
            A. Because economic democracy preceded political democracy, little retributive violence occurred following the war. Some Loyalist land was broken up into parcels for farming.                   3) New class of profiteers emerged

                 4) Economic causes of war had led to distate for taxes, further weakening Congress' ability to take action.

III. Articles of Confederation
    A. Created by the 2nd Continental Congress in 1777, but not approved by the states until 1781.

    B. Congress was the dominant force (no executive or federal courts), but it was hobbled by rules:
IV. Foreign and Domestic Problems
V. The Call for Reform of the Articles

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