Key Events & Battles: Spanish-American War

Event/Battle Date Location Significance
Spanish send Valeriano ("Butcher") Weyler to Cuba to put down Cuban rebellion February 1895 Cuba Cuban towns turned into concentration camps, rebels are tortured. Newspaper publishers Pulitzer and Hearst print sensational stories to boost circulation. This came to be known as the "Yellow Press."
McKinley elected president November 1896 U.S. Two campaign promises: 1) Protect American business and 2) Free the Cuban people.
Negotiations between Spain and U.S. break down after insulting letter from Spanish ambassador is published February 9, 1898 New York Journal Dupuy de Lome had written that Pres. McKinley was "...weak...and a would-be politician..." He resigns, though American people are angered.
U.S.S. Maine blows up February 15, 1898 Havana Harbor 260 American sailors killed after mysterious explosion. Yellow Press call for war against Spain ("Remember the Maine"), offer rewards for proof of Spanish plot.
Assistant Secretary Theodore Roosevelt orders Admiral Dewey to prepare for Asian war February 25, 1898 Washington, D.C. Roosevelt tells Dewey to attack Spanish fleet in the Philippines if war broke out between U.S. and Spain.
McKinley asks Congress to declare war April 11, 1898 Washington, D.C. Although Spain agrees to all American demands, McKinley tells Congress that God has told him to attack the Spanish forces.
Dewey sinks Spanish fleet May 1, 1898 Manila Bay In just seven hours, the entire Spanish Asian fleet is sunk. U.S. suffers one death.
Roosevelt's Rough Riders take San Juan Hill June 1898 Santiago, Cuba Roosevelt achieves heroic stature for leading men (sans horses) up hill overlooking Santiago Harbor.
Americans destroy Spanish Caribbean fleet July 3, 1898 Off southern Cuban coast Every Spanish warship is sunk as fleet tries to run to open sea.
U.S.-Filipino War 1898-July 1902 Philippine Islands Led by Emilio Aguinaldo, Filipinos fought Americans for independence. Effort fails and Philippines stay under American control until captured by Japan in 1942.

Results of Spanish-American War

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