Orientation Exercise for U.S. History Resources

You can find all of the answers to the following questions on the U.S. History Resources website (http://www.polytechnic.org/feldmeth/USHistory.html).
Hints are
in bold.

1) In what year do historians think Teotihuacan (current site of Mexico City) reached a population of 100,000? Hint: year is a chronological term.


2) Two outstanding external sources for creating bibliographies are listed in "Citing Historical Sources." They are:

    a) __________________________________

    b) __________________________________

3) One helpful link is the Avalon Project. At what famous American university founded in 1703 is this site hosted?


4) Frustrated by the success Harriet Tubman achieved by helping escaping slaves on the Underground Railroad, slaveowners placed a $40,000 bounty on her capture in 1850. Adjusted for inflation, what would that bounty be worth in 2006 dollars? (Don't use commas when calculating.)


5) According to the Pre-Columbian America outline,  how many Arawak Indians (the tribe that Columbus met on San Salvador) were alive in the following years?

1492: ______________

1650: ______________

6) What were the four presidential election years when the person winning the most popular votes did not become president?

______________, _______________, _______________, ______________

7) Circle the correct answer to the first question in the Colonial Beginnings multiple choice quiz: "Which of the following characterized English society in the sixteenth century?"

        A) a stagnant economy
        B) a rapidly growing population
        C) declining per capita output and real household income
        D) all of the above
        E) none of the above

8)Who said in a quotable quote "The vice presidency isn't worth a warm bucket of spit?"


9) How many schools and teachers are linked to the U.S. History Resources site?


10) As of today, how many visitors have there been to the U.S. History Resources site since April 15, 2005? (bottom of the right frame)


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