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Reform and Reformers

Temperance was one of the reform issues
in the 1830s that gained supporters
(Source: Wikimedia Commons--public domain)

Question 131464:

___________, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, — the balance-wheel of the social machinery. I do not here mean that it so elevates the moral nature as to make men disdain and abhor the oppression of their fellow-men. This idea pertains to another of its attributes. But I mean that it gives each man the independence and the means by which he can resist the selfishness of other men. It does better than to disarm the poor of their hostility towards the rich: it prevents being poor.

Identify the first word in the above quote and match it with its author

A) abolition--Elijah P. Lovejoy
B) education--Horace Mann
C) temperance--Carrie Nation
D) Christianity--Charles G. Finney
E) democracy--Henry Clay

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