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King Cotton

A cotton gin in operation
(Source: USHistory.org)

Question 131451:

The rise of cotton as the chief export of the U.S. in the first half of the 19th century can be attributed to which of the following reasons?

I. The invention of the cotton gin which allowed for the planting and harvesting of much larger quantities of cotton
II. The demand for cotton from the textile mills in both England and New England
III. The availability of large quantities of land in the Southeast to enable cotton's expansion.
IV. The end of the importation of slaves to the U.S. in 1809.
V. The removal of Indians from the Southeast allowing the expansion of cotton plantations.

A) I, II, IV and V only
B) I, II, III, and V only
C) I, II, and III only
D) II, III, and V only
E) all of the reasons aided in cotton's expansion

Answer & Explanation

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