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Colonial Resentment

John Dickinson's commentary was
widely read in the colonies
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Question 131421:

What is the main point of this section of the 1767 Letters from a Farmer by John Dickinson

I have looked over every statute relating to these colonies, from their first settlement to this time; and find every one of them founded on this principle, till the Stamp Act administration. All before, are calculated to regulate trade, and preserve or promote a mutually beneficial intercourse between the several constituent parts of the empire; and though many of them imposed duties on trade, yet those duties were always imposed with design to restrain the commerce of one part, that was injurious to another, and thus to promote the general welfare. The raising a revenue thereby was never intended . . - Never did the British parliament, till the period above mentioned think of imposing duties in America, F0R THE PURPOSE OF RAISING A REVENUE.

A) the Stamp Act adversely affected colonists
B) Parliament had no right to impose laws regulating trade on the colonists
C) a revenue-producing act was a unique thing for Parliament to pass
D) American colonists should rebel against British tyranny
E) an island shouldn't govern a continent

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