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Joe Louis scored a first-round knockout of Schmeling
in a 1938 fight billed as a struggle between good and evil
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

Question 1086:

Which of the following American boxers defeated Max Schmeling in a 1938 heavyweight championship match that inspired African-Americans and was a propaganda defeat for Nazi Germany?

       (A) Jack Johnson
       (B) Joe Louis
       (C) James Braddock
       (D) Floyd Patterson
       (E) Rocky Marciano

      (B) Joe Louis

The 1938 championship fight between Louis and Schmeling took on symbolic significance for both Germans and Americans. Schmeling, though not a Nazi, was used by the German government in a propaganda campaign touting Aryan supremacy. Louis, who had been defeated by Schmeling in 1936, knocked him out in the first round of the rematch. Louis later wrote "I knew I had to get Schmeling good. I had my own personal reasons and the whole damned country was depending on me."

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