Advanced Placement-Style United States History
  Question of the Day--Answer and Explanation

John Adams' presidential library at Peacefield, Massachusetts
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (public domain)
Question 1006:

Which of the following is not true of John Adams' presidential administration from 1797-1801?
      (A) it was marked with acrimony, particularly between Federalists and Democrat-Republicans
      (B) the U.S. barely avoided a naval war with France
      (C) the XYZ Affair caused resentment against France but brought popular support for Adams
      (D) Alexander Hamilton's influence faded
      (E) the Federalist-designed  Sedition Act attempted to prevent criticism of the government

        (D) Alexander Hamilton faded in influence
Alexander Hamilton's influence grew during the Adams administration. Hamilton, the Secretary of Treasury under President Washington, was appointed senior officer of the U.S. Army in 1799 as the threat of war with France developed. In addition, he wielded power over the Adams cabinet and the Federalist Party and did not actively support Adams candidacy for president in 1800, even though they were both Federalists.

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