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A sharecropper's home in the rural South during the Great Depression
(Source: American Memory, Library of Congress)

Question 010013:

Which of the following New Deal critics developed a very popular Share Our Wealth plan during the Great Depression using the slogan "Every man a king but no one wears a crown?"

    (A)    Dr. Francis Townsend
    (B)    Father Charles Coughlin
    (C)    John L. Lewis
    (D)    Huey Long
    (E)    Norman Thomas

      (D)    Huey Long
Explanation: Huey Long served as both governor and senator from Louisiana and built a following with his populist message of taxing the rich and providing $5000 for every family. Share Our Wealth clubs were set up across the nation and Franklin Roosevelt saw Long as a political threat in the 1936 presidential election. Long was assassinated, however, in September 1935.

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